Facebook Expat Targeting: Reach 92 Million People Living Abroad

10:50 am

To help businesses reach people living abroad, Facebook announced a new advertising targeting feature that allows marketers the ability to reach expats with their ads on Faebook.

Facebook Ads can be aimed at expats living within a certain country

The feature enables to target expatriates living within a given country or people from a specific country who are living abroad.

For example: People who live in the United States might not originally from the United States. Now, marketers can target these expats who originate from a specific country, but who now live in the United States.

Facebook Expat Targeting: Reach 92 Million People Living Abroad

In a business announcement, Facebook said Middle East airline company Etihad Airways tested it last fall before the Indian holiday Diwali. There are 27 million Hindus on Facebook who live outside of India, according to Facebook. “Using expat targeting, Etihad connected with expats with messages about traveling home for the holiday,” the post said, “reaching 536,00 Indian expats living in the Middle East, leading to 700 bookings and a 50X return on investment.”

This nationality-specific targeting is currently available for people from Brazil, Indonesia, China, South Africa and India. It is now available worldwide on all Facebook ads interfaces.


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